A VR to Katey Flowers.

Katey Flowers’s original video

1. Who is a creator that makes me laugh?

Havana from Sparkle Divine Tarot

Cheeky Jones

2. Who is a creator that teaches me?

Kasia at Tarot Map

Susan from Crow Quill Tarot

3. Who is a creator that lifts others up?

Rachele at Amethyst Ascension

Katey Flowers

4. Who is a creator that I respect?

Shamanic Arawak Priestess

Laura from aquamarine 18

5. Who is a creator whose collection I love?

Dawn Michelle at Boho Tarot

Lisa at Supportive Tarot

6. Who is a creator whose creativity inspires me?

Colin at Prism&Co

Caitlin Doughty at Ask A Mortician

7. Who is a creator I’d like to be friends with in real life?

Alison at Tech Coven

Casper the Boy Diviner

8. Who is a creator I hope to see grow?

Yaritza at Bujo Witchcraft

Justin Michael

9. Who is a creator that gives off good vibes?

Juli at Peekaboorose

Amy at Strength Reversed


A response to Simon of The Hermit’s Cave.

  • A – Age
  • B – Book (Favourite)
  • C – Career you wanted to be when you were a kid and what it actually is now
  • D – Dream
  • E – Essential item
  • F – Favorite RWS Deck
  • G – Gold or Silver
  • H – Height
  • I – Ideal day
  • J – joke funniest
  • K – Kid(s)
  • L – Living arrangements
  • M – Marseille deck (fave)
  • N – Nicknames:
  • O – Oracle
  • P – Passionate about
  • Q – Quote
  • R – Relationship status
  • S – Season
  • T – Tarot (First and last)
  • U – Upset: what upsets you most
  • V – Vlog: which are you most proud of. And which is your most popular
  • W – Weakness
  • X – X Rated: tell us something naughty you’ve done
  • Y – Yesteryear: your favourite year so far and why?
  • Z – Zen: What do you do to relax, stay calm?

Buying decks

My first video response, to questions celebrating how we acquire decks.

1. What was the last deck you bought and why that one?
2. What’s your decision process when you buy a new deck?
3. What are dealbreakers in a deck that keep you from buying it?
4. Little white book or big guide book?
5. Do you have new deck rituals? How do you break in a new deck?
6. Have you ever been disappointed after getting a deck because it looked/felt different than expected? (Bonus question: Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a deck after getting it?)
7. Do you interview new decks?
8. Do you ever buy decks for a specific purpose (only using it for that one?)
9. Do you differentiate between decks you buy for yourself and decks you would use for other people?
10. What is one thing you wish deck creators would do, do more of or stop doing?

letting people touch my deck

I was first exposed to tarot in college through a friend who emphatically did not allow anyone to touch her cards. I’ve decided to actively dismantle that early teaching by freely allowing friends to handle my decks when they are interested. I think I’ll do the same when I’m in a situation where strangers might want to touch them. I can, after all, cleanse them by shuffling and reordering them, or even exposing them to the elements, if they feel off after someone handles them.

ensuring a random draw

I’ve been a little concerned that some of my decks may stick or clump in subtle ways even when shuffled, because of irregularities in the cards that may be too slight for me to notice but not so slight that my fingers don’t grab the same edges over and over. So I’ve decided that I’ll shuffle (usually riffle and some overhand), cut (usually sliding the deck partially open in my hands and choosing a break point, rather than cutting on the table), and then I will draw off eight cards and pull the ninth for the reading.

tedious numerology

Long ago I had a first edition of Mary K. Greer’s Tarot for Yourself, and so this summer as I began studying tarot in earnest, I bought the 35th anniversary edition. I’ve picked it up several times, but each time I’ve gotten stuck at all the birthdate, personality and soul cards, astrology, blah, blah, blah exercises right at the very beginning of the book. No, this exercise will not help me “get acquainted with the cards,” when I have to force my way past loads of skepticism. Like, which calendar? Does a Jew born the same day and time as me have a whole different system? What about Chinese? Or Muslims? It’s the height of mumbo jumbo to me, but tonight I’ve just pushed myself to fill out the profile at the end of that section and move on.

no jumpers

I don’t mean that I never mis-shuffle cards (riffle or overhand), but that when I went about interviewing a bunch of decks about jumpers, I discovered (or finally noticed) that jumpers (for me) are about the physicality of the decks. Some decks I mis-shuffle all. the. time. But others I never (or rarely) mis-shuffle. I concluded that jumpers don’t have any special meaning if they are so dependent on the physical deck (in contrast to the content of the deck).

a daily spread

A general-purpose daily spread, drawing from a practice by Crow Quill Tarot and the multi-deck example of Kasia at tarotmap.

Draw an oracle card to present a framework for interpretation.

  1. the holistic truth of what is going on today for me
  2. in my face: the energy that’s right in front of me; a message for me; my closest resource. I can pick this energy up and work with it, or I can trip over it.
  3. looking back
  4. looking forward
  5. what is hidden
  6. my better angels

I draw another oracle card (usually from another deck, and after a first interpretation of the the spread) as a commentary on the spread.