I riffle shuffle

Yes, I confess. And I’d bridge, too, except that I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it. Overhand shuffling produces lots of jumps for me and doesn’t feel like it’s randomizing the cards very well, although I like combining it with the riffle to make sure the top and bottom cards are mixed into the center of the deck.

tarot preferences: deck order

When I get a new deck, or if I want to put the cards in order, I prefer to put them Major Arcana, Fool through World, then pentacles, swords, wands, and cups, ace to king. This is because I think of the wheel of the cardinal directions as beginning in the north, then to the east, south, and west. I suppose if I were being entirely consistent, I would put the Majors last (for Spirit/center).

jumping in mid-stream

I’ve been exploring tarot seriously for several months and participating (in a small way) in the tarot community on Instagram. But I want to be able to document / daydream / declaim in ways that don’t really fit on Instagram, so I’ve decided to set up a blog to do just that. Some conversations with myself will appear to be already in progress, because they are! Welcome.