Buying decks

My first video response, to questions celebrating how we acquire decks.

1. What was the last deck you bought and why that one?
2. What’s your decision process when you buy a new deck?
3. What are dealbreakers in a deck that keep you from buying it?
4. Little white book or big guide book?
5. Do you have new deck rituals? How do you break in a new deck?
6. Have you ever been disappointed after getting a deck because it looked/felt different than expected? (Bonus question: Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a deck after getting it?)
7. Do you interview new decks?
8. Do you ever buy decks for a specific purpose (only using it for that one?)
9. Do you differentiate between decks you buy for yourself and decks you would use for other people?
10. What is one thing you wish deck creators would do, do more of or stop doing?